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Rua Francisco Pereira da Silva, 113 - Japiim II, Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil (MAP)



If you or your group would like to help us by doing a fund raising project, please share with us your idea!  We must constantly do fund raising events in order to keep our doors open, so we greatly need your help!  Please, pull out you’re your creativity, roll up your sleeves and work together with us to keep our doors open for these children!



The Father’s Heart is purely a faith project that survives on donations from people who believe in what we’re doing and want to be a part of it.  The expense of taking care of this many children and offering our resources to countless other families is overwhelming.  The law will not allow us to depend solely on volunteers, and requires us to have a full time paid professional staff on duty 24/7.  Our ongoing expenses for our 5 different projects include maintaining our staff of 55 people, the cost of rent, electricity, telephone, internet, food, clothing, medicines, transportation, maintenance, and much more.  So for obvious reasons, any and all help is greatly appreciated!  Without our supporters, none of this could possibly happen!  Thank You so much to those of you who sacrificially make this a reality for all of our children and their families!  May God Bless You richly with even more of Himself as we invest our lives together!


The Father’s Heart is supported entirely by those who believe in what we’re doing and voluntarily want to be a part of it!  It’s not cheap to carry on these 24/7 rescue services for 60+ children and their families and also provide our other services to the surrounding community.  God has been faithful to provide for The Father’s Heart through individuals who’ve decided to make a personal sacrifice for the good of others!  We are constantly in need of donations in order to keep our doors open and our ministry to these precious children going.  Please join our team!