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Rua Francisco Pereira da Silva, 113 - Japiim II, Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil (MAP)

So we responded to the urgent need and moved in, in faith!  Now, praise God – it is up and going and we’re trusting God each day to meet the needs.  The government authorities already have 20 more children waiting to be rescued as soon as we give the word that we are ready to take them in.  Please pray that we will be able to build up a sufficient infrastructure as soon as possible to be able to receive them.  We first need to purchase the property (R$500,000) which is approximately $175,000US plus title transfer fees, bringing the total close to $200,000USD. Please pray we’ll be able to purchase the property as soon as possible so we can then begin to build more homes on the same property.  Please join us in this walk of faith as we venture out to once again respond to the drastic needs around us with the love of Jesus Christ! 


Due to an urgent request from government leaders on the other side of the river, The Father’s Heart immediately responded by taking a major step of faith and opening a second orphanage in Iranduba!  We started by renting a 5-acre lot in a rural area with a small 3-bedroom home, small pool, electricity, and a well.  We immediately took in 6 children from a high risk situation and later a 7th arrived.  We then organized groups from Manaus to go over and help us clean, paint, and make repairs!  On Sunday, September 11th, 2016, we held an inauguration ceremony which was a treat for all.  We’re now in the process of legally registering our second orphanage which was started on an emergency basis three weeks ago.

​Due to the extreme urgency of this particular need, we had already been trying to purchase this property for the last three months for this exact purpose, but have so far only been able to raise US$3,000.  We were waiting till we were able to purchase this property in order to be able to start the work.  But when we were contacted three weeks ago by the child protection agency with such an urgent need, we weren’t able to wait any longer.  We asked the owner of the property to rent it to us instead.  He said that he only wanted to sell it.  So we prayed for a couple of days until he changed his mind and decided to rent it to us.